Everyone Wants to Visit Smokey Hollow Waterfall: Here’s Why

The Smokey Hollow Waterfall is known for having several names as it is also known as the Grindstone, Waterdown or the Great Falls. The names given to the Smokey Hollow Waterfall are from the tourists and visitors who were stunned with its natural beauty.

The Smokey Hollow Waterfall has been one of the favorite places to visit around Hamilton, Ontario. As a matter of fact, the Smokey Hollow Waterfall is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. The Smokey Hollow Waterfall is continuously gaining popularity because its beauty remains as it was since the local tourism board does their part in ensuring that the waterfall is properly protected.


The Smokey Hollow Waterfall is accessible for tourists and visitors

Unlike any other waterfalls, the Smokey Hollow Waterfall is accessible making it an easy place to visit. In addition, there’s a viewing deck beside the Smokey Hollow Waterfall, so it’s easier for the tourists to enjoy the magnificent ribbon waterfall.

There are enough parking spaces near the Smokey Hollow Waterfall

Aside from being accessible, it’s a perfect place to visit, and you don’t need to waste any minute just to look for a parking space. A designated parking lot is in Mill Street, a few meters away from highway 5.

Guests and tourists can enjoy a hiking trip

The tourists can enjoy a bit of workout when visiting the Smokey Hollow Waterfall as there’s a 3.5 km hike which is part of the Bruce Trail. Parts of the trail include a steep hill that takes you from the forest to the top portion of the Niagara Escarpment.

The Smokey Hollow Waterfall is near other places worth visiting

Aside from the Smokey Hollow Waterfall, tourists can also visit the Rock Chapel Golf Centre near highway 6. The golf course features an 18-hole mini putt perfect for beginners and practicing professionals.

Tourists can also visit the Waterdown Village Farmers’ Market. It is open every Saturday morning, from May to October and they feature a long list of local vendors to choose from.

Enjoy a delicious meal near the Smokey Hollow Waterfall

What’s good about the Smokey Hollow Waterfall is that there are plenty of food choices available near the area. Tourists can enjoy food from Copper Kettle Café, Beaner Munky, Harrington Lane Farms, Lord Bryon Steak and Seafood House, and the West Avenue Cidery. All of these cafes and restaurants have their own specialty dishes worth a try.

The local tourism board ensures the safety of the guests and tourists

The local tourism board handling the Smokey Hollow Waterfall keeps safety as the number one priority. Thus, they ensure that all tourists and visitors know the proper safety and security protocol in the area.

Without a doubt, the Smokey Hollow Waterfall is a place worth visiting if you and your friends or family is looking for a perfect place to spend a day and enjoy nature’s wonderful gifts. It is in 80 Mill St S, Hamilton, ON L0R 2H0.

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