How to Become a Tow Truck Driver in Ontario

Tow truck drivers provide a service to so many people across Ontario, and they’re always in demand since most drivers who break down can’t tow their car themselves to be fixed. These drivers possess a unique skill set that helps people who are stranded, scared and perhaps even who were just in an accident to be confident their vehicle will be well cared for and will be delivered to the destination of their choice. If you’ve been thinking of making a career change and are wondering how you can become a tow truck driver in Ontario, here’s what you need.

Driver’s License

It only makes sense that you would need a license because you will be operating a vehicle, but there’s a little more to this requirement than just having the license. You will need to have a clean driving license to operate the truck. If your license has endless accidents, speeding tickets or other infractions then you cannot become a tow truck driver as you won’t – likely – be insurable to work for a company.

Apply for a Permit

Once you are sure your license is clean, you will need to apply for a permit. This can be done at your local License & Permit Issuing Office across Ontario. To submit the application you will need proof of identification and there will be a fee associated with processing the permit.

Take the Tests

In order to become a tow truck driver, even with a permit, you will need to take two tests: a knowledge test and then a road test. There is handbook to help you with the knowledge test you need to take. The road test will give you an opportunity show that you understand how to operate the truck and know its limitations and its size.

Get to Know the Area

Part of being a tow truck driver is knowing the layout and city you are driving in so that you are aware of where people need to go, and how to get them there. You can look at local maps or even just take a drive around to make sure you know where things are. Most trucks now come equipped with GPS navigation systems but if the support for those systems goes down you will need to rely on your own knowledge to pick up and drop off vehicles.

Find a Company to Work For

Once you have your permit and have passed the tests needed, you’ll need to find a company to work for. Some tow truck drivers will have an offer before they actually start working but that isn’t always the case. If you don’t have a towing company to work for yet, this is the time to start looking around. Every towing company will run their operations a little different: some may have set hours and others may require drivers to work a variety of shifts. Further, the way the companies pay may be different too. Take the time to determine if the company you’ll be working for aligns with the values you’re looking for before signing on.

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