Flatbed Towing Service

If you ever find yourself stuck on the road with a dead car engine and you are clueless on what to fix in the hood, or perhaps you are dealing with a flat tire with no spare or simply you forgot your keys inside the car and it locked you out, the solution to your many problems is to call Hamilton Tow Truck Pros at 289-203-6931. Our courteous and friendly staff will address your concerns quickly and dispatch can be sent over to wherever you immediately. We rescue stranded motorists and whatever kind of vehicle that needs towing from lightweight to heavy duty.

Why Choose A Flatbed Tow Truck

Perhaps one of the safest ways to tow a light weight to a heavy weight vehicle is through the use of flatbed tow truck. A flatbed tow truck has a long empty flat top on the rear end of the truck. It uses hydraulics to move its mechanisms upwards and downwards. It can transport an entire vehicle without dragging on the ground. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a flatbed towing if you face a car breakdown:

  • Flatbed towing is the easiest and probably the safest towing service you can choose when your car breaks down by the road. It pulls up the car towards the flatbed or if the car engine is capable you can drive the car up towards it carefully.
  • Flatbed towing allows the vehicle to be carried safely on the back of the tow truck without the danger of side skirting and any further damages to the body of the vehicle especially the tires or bumper.
  • Flatbed towing is the preferred choice for hauling boats, jet skis, and a wide variety of vehicles.
  • This type of towing reduces the risk of injuring pedestrians. The vehicle is well strapped on the platform bed and not swaying at the back of the truck as with previous towing methods.
  • Sometimes, it is the only option especially if the wheel axle of your vehicle is broken. This allows all four wheels to be placed on the flat top and will not require the tires to be running during the tow.
  • It is the most efficient way to transport you broke down vehicle since you don’t have to remove the drive shaft to prevent damage to the transmission. If the car has a minor problem, all you need to do is drive it up on the flatbed and secure it with straps. If the car is badly damaged, you can place the car on the flatbed using a winch.
Flatbed Towing

Have Your Tires Regularly Checked

Our expert Hamilton Tow Truck Technicians recommend having your tires checked at least once per month. This should be an ample time to detect early signs of damage. If damage is indeed present, we will dismount your tire to get a closer look and evaluate the right repair method for the type of damage.

Hamilton Tow Truck Pros’ Flat Tire Assistance Service

As soon as we reach your location, we’ll do a thorough checkup of your tires, carefully inspecting the surface and treads to determine the extent of the damage. The result of the inspection will help us decide whether you need flat tire repair or complete replacement.

If your flat tire is fixable, we’ll repair it according to national standards by cautiously patching any damage or punctures on the tire’s interior.

In the instance that your tire can’t be repaired, we’ll help you find the best replacement suited to your vehicle. We’ll also rebalance your tires and fix your tire pressure monitoring system, if required.

Get Your Tires Fixed Today

Sure, tire replacement can be done by yourself, but it can be cumbersome and time-consuming in the absence of professional tools. When tires are giving you a hard time, call Hamilton Tow Truck Pros and we’ll get your tires fixed in just minutes.

Our Hamilton Towing Service crews have years of experience in fixing and replacing tires for virtually all car makes and models. Leave your tires to us and we’ll make sure your car is running good as new before we leave your location.

Our friendly representatives would gladly address your concerns. Call us today at 289-203-6931 so you can get back on track without the hassle and skyrocketing fees!