Awesome Things to Do at Fifty Point Conservation Area

Spring is here! You might be looking forward to exploring the outdoors. But the thing is, you may have time, money and people to travel with but have no specific destination yet in mind. Now, let’s check out Fifty Point Conservation Area and make the most out of your travel with family or friends!

Visitors and travelers can enjoy these five things at Fifty Point Conservation Area.


Go marina & boating!

Since Fifty Point Conservation Area is an awesome park and waterfront, the magnificent 80-hectare park offers Marina & Boating activity. The Marina has docking spaces for 340 boats and is one of the best on western Lake Ontario. This attraction at the park includes visitor docks, water, showers, washrooms, laundromat, pump-out station and winter storage facilities. Fifty Point Conservation Area also offers dry dock storage from April 1 to September 30.

Fifty Point is a great location for family picnics

A lot of people have recommended Fifty Point as a “home away from home” getaway with the family. It is good for daytime picnics as well. Whether you have a big group of people with you or just the 4 of you in the family, you still can get to enjoy the lovely view at Fifty Point. The venue also caters large events such as birthday parties, corporate events, and more.

There are two covered picnic pavilions in the area really good for such memorable occasions and events. There are also uncovered group areas available. Make sure to reserve your slot before coming. However, picnic tables do not require reservations, and you may use them in your daytime picnics. Fifty Point prohibits visitors to bring alcohol at any time.

Nice place to relax and swim

Your getaways cannot be completed without swimming time! Fifty Point’s beach is the warmest and the clearest beach among beaches on western Lake Ontario. The beach is safe and clean. Enjoy the sunsets and the quietness of the place. People consider it as one of the parks and waterfront with the best quality of water.

Everybody will surely enjoy their swim in this place. But in order to have a fun and exciting outing, make sure to follow all the area rules and regulations. For adults, keep an eye on your children.

Enjoy hiking

Fifty Point Conservation Area also offers a 3.4 km recreational and accessible trail loop. The trail can be visited by walking or biking. You can also stroll with your dogs around the area. Fifty Point Conservation Area also has a newly built fishing bridge crossing the pond.

Experience birding and fishing

Are you fond of animals especially birds and fishes? Enjoy interaction with them with this fun activity offered at Fifty Point Conservation Area. The place is one of the great bird watching hotspots in the Golden Horseshoe area. You will be able to watch migrating waterfowl and pelagic (sea) birds.

People will also enjoy another activity which is fishing. The park offers a peaceful nature, and you will get to see some beautiful fishes in their large fishing pond. Some say it is a good place to meditate as well while you watch over the fishes swim gracefully underneath the water.

Where to find Fifty Point Conservation Area: 1479 Baseline Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 3L8

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