5 Ways to Driver Safer with Kids in the Car

Even though we may not admit it, when we have our kids in the car our driving habits change because we want to make sure we arrive safely and aren’t putting them at risk for an accident. When we take our kids with us, there are actions and habits we do so that everyone is safe. If you’re wondering exactly how you can be safer with your kids in the car, here are a few tips you can follow so that everyone gets to the destination.

Talk to them before you leave

Children don’t know how to drive, yet, so they don’t really know or understand how much concentration it takes to make sure everyone is safe. If your children are old enough to talk to about it, have a little chat with them and explain you need them to behave and not distract you so that you can focus on keeping everyone safe.

Check everyone is buckled safely

Depending on the age of your children, they might require a car or booster seat so they are completely safe in the vehicle. As you’re getting ready to leave home, make sure everyone is safely secured and all buckles are done up as they should be. In the event that any kind of accident does happen, being correctly secured in the vehicle can keep everyone safe.

Keep children occupied

Anyone with kids knows that they can get bored fairly easily, and on a road trip when there’s not much to do and they can’t really move around you might find they are especially bored. If you can, keeping them occupied during the drive will help to keep their focus off of you so you can keep your focus on the road. If you have tablets or books – or whatever your children like to do – bring them with you so that they have something to do in the car.

Take regular breaks

This applies, really, if you’re taking a road trip and will be in the car for more than about an hour. Kids may have to use the washroom more often, or may just want to get out and walk around. In any event, regular breaks while driving with kids are a great way keep them from causing major distractions or whining.

Take away objects they could throw

If kids get a little restless they may start to throw things or try to move things around the vehicle, and this is a major distraction for you as the driver. If there are toys in the car it’s best to secure them or keep them out of reach of the kids. If they throw a toy and it hits you in the head or somehow falls under one of the pedals only to get stuck it could create a major issue.

Family road trips and driving with your kids can be a lot of fun, but sometimes kids don’t have a big attention span and get restless in the car. By keeping them occupied and telling them about the importance of everyone arriving safely you can keep everyone in the car happy until you get to your destination!

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