What to Do When You’re in Need of Battery Boost or Car Jumpstart

Imagine this scenario -- you are about to do some very important errands at different locations. You get in your car and switch the engine on. The car makes a clicking sound but nothing happens to the car engine. It simply doesn’t start. It is always a dreadful thing to hear your car giving you that annoying clicking sound when you are trying to get it started. It usually happens after leaving the car far too long in cold weather, having loose engine connections and draining of the car battery. You decide to call a towing company.

While waiting for the tow truck, a stranger offers help to car jumpstart. Would you wait for the towing company to arrive or would you rather accept the stranger’s good Samaritan act? Here’s what you should know about battery boost and why you must politely decline the act of goodwill by some random strangers:

Safety in Mind First

You have been told when you were a child not to talk to strangers. In some cases, this advice is beneficial even if it seems convenient during a car breakdown incident. Being stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery can pose danger in itself. Even if you consider that the help that the stranger is offering is a great relief, it could lead to a more dangerous situation. The person may or may not know anything about car jumpstart. Your car battery’s posts may have been corroded, or the battery’s integrity is compromised or the cables may have been worn out, all these may pose a threat to a battery explosion. A battery explosion damages your car and may even injure nearby people or bystanders.

When you find yourself in a tight situation perhaps your phone’s battery is also dead, ask the person offering help to call the towing company himself. It is better to put safety first in all aspects. At Hamilton Tow Truck Pros, we have a team of professionals who are skilled in assessing the car’s condition including suitable actions to resolve the issues at hand. We will know if the car battery is good for a battery boost or if the car needs safe towing.

Battery Boost

Prevent Further Damage

As convenient as it may seem, accepting the stranger’s help to boost the battery is a big no-no. The stranger with a cable to jumpstart the battery may not have used the device frequently and may not be skilled in doing so. In addition, most cars manufactured in the year 2000’s onwards have complex electrical installations near the car battery placement. Devices such as navigations, road camera, and airbags have wiring that is placed inside the engine and may seriously be damaged in case of battery explosion. A dead battery is one of the most common calls of concerns that tow truck companies receive each day. Although it may seem simple to just car jumpstart your battery using the stranger’s handy cables, the tow truck technician can get you and your car safely to the repair shop.

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